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HealthCare-PSEA: Caring for you

HealthCare-PSEA is a fast-growing union of staff nurses and health care professionals in Pennsylvania. 

HealthCare-PSEA serves as both a professional and a labor organization with a mission of providing leadership, support and protection for its all members.  Membership in HealthCare PSEA represents organized power in the quest for fair and equitable treatment. In each local, members develop their own agendas based on the needs and concerns in their local area. Through HealthCare PSEA each local has access to expertise in organizing, lobbying, political action, legal services, public relations, training and education, as well as professional development. 
Standing together
During recent years the number of nurses joining labor unions has grown. HealthCare-PSEA members recognize the need to address patient care issues through a collective voice. Whether it is safe staffing or other working conditions, nurses who join unions understand that they will never stand alone.

As an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), HealthCare-PSEA is supported by the largest professional union in Pennsylvania. On the national level, HealthCare-PSEA is affiliated with AFT Healthcare, part of the AFL-CIO. Both PSEA and AFT provide members with resources and responsive union advocacy.

With a strong voice developed over many decades of assisting to achieve quality education in Pennsylvania for its teachers and support personnel, PSEA remains dedicated to that same quality in health care as it advocates for its health care members.
Leadership and member service
Under the leadership of its HealthCare Director, Janine Fiesta, BSN, JD, a nationally recognized author and lecturer, opportunities for professional development including CEU opportunities, publications and other professional resources are a primary focus.

HealthCare-PSEA offers leadership, support and protection, and the chance to maintain dignity and high practice standards in your chosen profession. For more information about HealthCare-PSEA or learn how to join, visit Join Healthcare-PSEA or call 800-944-PSEA.