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You work hard caring for patients. HealthCare-PSEA is caring for you.

Message from HealthCare-PSEA President Mary Ann Birch:
I’m Mary Ann Birch, President of HealthCare-PSEA. I'm a nurse at Somerset Community Hospital and a member of HealthCare-PSEA since 2000. My experience as a RN ranges from my current assignment in the Anticoagulation Clinic to Home Health, Telemetry, Long Term Care, to Med Surg. I am a former President of Somerset Professional Nurse Association.

I’m proud to belong to HealthCare-PSEA. It's opened up a new world for me and our members. We get the benefits of a professional association along with the rights and protections of a union. We offer professional resources that are not available to members of other unions.

As health care professionals, we put patient care first. Our Association, HealthCare-PSEA, puts us first. It makes sure our voices are heard in the work place. It makes sure we are treated with dignity and respect. It makes sure we have fair compensation and benefits. It makes sure our rights are defended and helps us care for our patients.

Please take a look at some of the vast resources HealthCare-PSEA can offer you. Then contact us to find out how you can become a member of an organization that cares for you!




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